Optimization opens the door for you to close large merchant accounts!
Learn how you can save merchants money without losing your margins.
Get Answers to Questions Like...
how do transactions qualify for level II & III?
Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government transactions may qualify for significantly lower interchange rates.
how can downgrades be minimized?
Downgrades can cost merchants an extra 1% or more!  Learn how they work and how to get rid of them.
how do processors mark up interchange?
Not everything on a statement is as it seems.  Processors can inflate interchange costs.  Learn to identify this markup.
note from the author
" I realized early on that understanding interchange optimization was the key to unlocking larger accounts and proving my expertise as a payments professional.  I hope this short eBook will show you a path to increased margins and open doors that have been closed."
-James Shepherd
note from the author
" For many professionals, selling merchant services is a painful and expensive game.  Reading this eBook will help you understand some rules for merchant services, make selling more enjoyable, and help you win more often."
-Eric Jenks
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